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I am a freelance photographer and professional biologist residing in South Florida, specializing in nature photography. My interest in photography lies with documenting the natural beauty of this world through fresh perceptions. There are great photography opportunities all around us if we just slow down and take the time to observe. That said, you won’t find me at locations frequented by the masses as I have no interest in capturing images similar to thousands of other photographers. I usually have no pre-visualization of what images I am hoping to capture at any specific location, but rather let the surrounding environment stimulate my senses. With each image, I want the natural elements of color, shape, texture, pattern and light to resonate my feelings at the time I release the shutter. My goal is to create a timeless image and deep emotional connection with the viewer. Nature is my passion, and through photography I hope to share this passion. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

Some of my editorial clients include:
Aquarium Fish International
Aquarium USA
Click Magazine
Fisheye View Scuba Magazine
Flower and Garden
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine
Outdoor Alabama
Puddler Magazine
Marine Fish & Reef USA
National Audubon Society Field Guides
Nature Photographer Magazine
Numerous scientific journals, text books, and other field guides
Shutterbug Magazine
Shutterbug Magazine Special Digital Photography How-To Guide

Shutterbug Magazine Special Expert Photo Techniques
Smithsonian Institution
Vero Beach Magazine
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service