Initial Hands On Experience with the Fuji X-T2

June 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Although I was hoping to have both the camera and lens to play with over the Memorial Day holiday, I'm still waiting for delivery of the 18-135mm lens. That said, I spent hours familiarizing myself with the camera layout, menus, and customizing some menus and buttons. I watched a lot of videos which helped in this task since the manual only goes so far. By the end of the holiday weekend, I felt as though I had a pretty good, although not complete understanding of the basics and was at a standstill until the lens arrived. Although I'm still waiting for the 18-135mm lens, I received a used 10-24mm lens on Wednesday evening. I like how I can see real time effects to my image based on exposure settings, film simulations, etc. via the electronic viewfinder. This lens appears to be very sharp and the image stabilization excellent. Some of my initial images blew me away. I hope to learn something new everyday I play with the camera. Eventually I will have to spend considerable time and really get into the nuts and bolts of all the different autofocus modes which appears a little overwhelming at this point. As expected, battery life will not be as good as my Nikon's, but I never shoot over 350 images per outing and I'll always have a spare battery with me. With every Nikon I have owned, I always assigned the back button for focus. I've made the same setting on the Fuji, but the button is not as prominent as what I'm accustom to with the Nikons and I find myself feeling around for the button. Hopefully overtime it will become second nature. So far I'm enjoying the new, smaller, and lighter system. The technology built into this camera is quite impressive, and the camera is built like a tank compared to my mostly plastic Nikons. I'll continue to keep you posted as I slowly learn this new system.


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