Implied lines

October 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Any time I'm walking around my eyes are constantly drawn to lines, whether they be actual or implied lines. That's probably why I'm so attracted to architectural images whether it be an abandoned dilapidated house with overgrown windows, staircases, or alike. As powerful as these types of images are, I find images that have implied lines just as powerful. This simple image of reeds sticking out of the water was taken at Viera Wetlands in Brevard County, Florida. Viera Wetland is very popular among birders, but birds just aren't my thing. How many more images of osprey with a fish in it's talons do we need? While walking around for several hours (most photographers are in their cars), I came across these reeds which spoke to me. The other photographers must have thought I was crazy because there was no bird in site. I love how the implied horizontal line creates a calmness and tranquility to the image. I find the image to be very soothing.


Reflecting ReedsReflecting Reeds




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