Lots to learn with the Nikon D7200

July 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have a lot to learn with the Nikon D7200, but I have the basics down so I'm not completely lost. Besides using the Nikon manual which at times is more of a hindrance than aid, I purchased an ebook from photographer Douglas J. Klostermann which has been great. To be honest with you, I don't recall where I came across his name, but I'm pleased I did. There are a lot of photographers producing camera manuals that I have witnessed over the years, but I have been very happy with Mr. Klostermann's. I like the ebook format because I can read it on my computer monitor while both hands are free for the camera. This isn't possible with the very small Nikon manual. You are constantly putting the manual down, trying to remember what you read, and playing with the camera. Also, I like Mr. Klostermann's ebook because in addition to discussing the mechanics/settings of the D7200 which is basically what the Nikon manual does, he discusses settings and techniques that can be applied to various types of photography including general, action, portrait, and travel photography. For a mere $14.94 you can't go wrong. No, I have no affiliation with Mr. Klostermann. I just feel lucky to have come across his name in the recent past.

Right off the bat, there are three things I really like about the D7200. First, the autofocus is very fast even in low light, low noise at high ISO settings, and because it is a 24 MB sensor, I can crop considerably and still end up with a large image file. Case in point, I cropped about half of the image of this leafhopper.






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