New Camera Purchase

June 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It appears that Nikon will not be coming out with the infamous D400 or alike as the successor to the D300 in the near future or ever. That said, I was interested in possibly upgrading to the D7200, but wanted to wait until it had been out for several months in order to get feedback and read as many reviews as possible. Lets face it, Nikon has not had a good track record in regard to their FX series (e.g., D800, D600, and minor issues with the D750). Having not read a single negative review concerning the D7200 since it came out in March 2015, I finally purchased one. Compared to the D300, it is a major upgrade and it will take some time to get up to speed. Those of you who own the D7000 and especially the D7100, won't find too many major upgrades outside of the new processor, built in Wi-Fi and NFC, lower light sensitivity, and expanded ISO setting, but to the D300 the D7200 is a major upgrade. I am slowly making the switch over to the D7200 and will report on my use of this new camera in future blog entries. This is my first image with the D7200. My wife received several bouquet of flowers at the end of the school year. While eating breakfast this past weekend, I observed this sepal on a rose which caught my eye. I edited and processed the image using Photoshop Elements and Nik software.


Rose Petal and SepalRose Petal and Sepal




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