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For some time now, I have envisioned an image of an old doll in an abandoned house, playground, etc., with hopes of creating a mood, feeling or thoughts of who's doll is it, why was it left behind, how did it end of here, etc. With the housing crash several years ago, there are numerous subdivisions that were never built out which I have explored on my bicycle. In one such subdivision, I came across a children's playground and several benches that were overgrown. Since I don't own any dolls, I purchased an inexpensive doll at K-Mart, removed the clothing, and hung it up in my Jatropha hedge on the south side of my house for several months in order to give it a weathered look. Do I need to go back to the drawing board?

P.S. Prior to finding this abandoned subdivision, I attempted a similar image using an overgrown bench at my wife's elementary school. Probably the scariest day of my life as I walked onto a school playground, carrying a camera, tripod, and a doll. Oh, what the neighbors must have thought.


Doll on Bench 2Doll on Bench 2



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