Biking and Photo Opportunities

May 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Abandoned House 4Abandoned House 4 I've always been into physical fitness whether it involved going to the gym, scuba diving or jogging. Several years ago, my knees finally cried uncle and I needed to find a low impact alternative. Fortunately, biking is a great substitute which I can take advantage of year round in south Florida. I'm amazed at the great photo opportunities I have come across within a ten mile radius of my house as I explore unbeaten paths. Using a hybrid bike, I can easily trek on dirt paths and within pastures. You'd be amazed at how much more you see traveling by bicycle versus  a motor vehicle. I always have my iPhone which enables me to take an image and geotag it's location. Therefore, I can easily recall the subject and it's location for when I want to return based on time of day, lighting etc. When I came across this abandoned farm house, I knew I wanted to return early in the morning to take advantage of soft diffuse lighting on the window frame. The color and texture were adjusted using Nik's Color Efex Pro (detail extractor filter) and Viveza. Check out those unbeaten paths; you never know what you might find.


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