Rain and battling mosquitoes

October 27, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

September 2014 was a very wet month in south Florida. I don't remember the exact details, but I believe it rained 18-22 days during the entire month. Although I knew the mosquitoes were going to be thick, there were a few areas I wanted to check out. I have tried several non-Deet insect repellents, but they have always been ineffective with my body chemistry. On several occasions, I have actually run out of an area because the mosquitoes were beginning to eat me alive. Consequently, I continue to use Off Deepwoods (green can) with 25 percent Deet with very good results. That said, very little Deet comes in contact with my skin as I spray my long pants, long sleeve shirt and floppy hat. The only place I purposely apply the repellent is around my neck, ears and forehead. The back of my hands may receive a few bites since I don't apply the repellent to my hands. Somewhere I remember reading that Deet can have a negative effect on plastics and since most camera bodies have some plastic incorporated into them, I don't take any chances. I always have the repellent with me in case I need to re-apply since I may be on site for several hours. Many photographers may not enjoy such an outing, but the image below would never exist during the dry months or the cooler mosquitoe-less months.




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