Photokina 2014 - Disappointing for Nikon DX Users

October 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

With all the rumors floating out there early this year, I and many others thought for sure Nikon would reveal the infamous D400 or D9300 as the successor for the D300/D300s. No such luck. Instead a week prior to the show, Nikon announced the D750 full frame camera as an upgrade to the D700. As wonderful as the camera specs look (only time and hands on reviews will tell), I really don't have any desire to upgrade from DX to FX as both my DX 18-200mm and beloved DX 12-24mm would only work in the cropped mode. My hope was to use my existing D300 as a back up camera or possibly have it modified for infrared use. I'd hate to think that the D7100 series it going to be Nikon's DX flagship camera. I purchased my D300 in November 2007, and I think they came out with the D300s less than a year later. The D300/D300s should have been upgraded way before now. I'm getting tired of Nikon's sluggish response to customer demands. If so, I just may say the heck with it and switch over to the Fuji X series mirrorless camera system. 


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