Photo Props

September 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes things just seem to come together perfectly. In my last blog entry, you probably thought I placed the small piece of weeping bottlebrush vegetation on top of the elephant ear leaf. Actually, at my last photography group critique, it was hard to convince them that I didn't set up the image deliberately. Although I could have, it was actually stuck to the leaf. My eye was initially attracted to the contrasting colors and I envisioned the rest. The bottlebrush vegetation was stuck sufficiently that that it didn't move when I used a small artist's paint brush to remove miscellaneous debris from the leaf. So sometimes it's all set up for you, just waiting for you to photograph it. Other times I will move or bring things together (never destroying anything in the process) depending on my vision. The water lily image below is a perfect example. While scouting out the field of lilies, my eye focused on this blossom from a distance. As I wondered over to check it out it became apparent that the blossom was severed approximately 4 inches below the blossom and it was just floating on the water's surface. This was a perfect example where I used this soon to deteriote blossom as a prop. When such circumstances present themselves, I will definitely take advantage of them.



Water Lily 2Water Lily 2


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