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Several weeks ago I received the weekly image and quote from Dewitt Jones. Dewitt is a professional photographer who has a monthly column in Nature Photographer magazine. I signed up to receive his weekly image several years ago. It is a nice way to start the typical Monday work day at the office. This particular image was of a water lily leaf where the water had puddled on top of the leaf. What made this image unique was the fact that the water was in the shape of a heart. I really liked the image and it got me thinking. The following weekend I grabbed my camera equipment and rubber boots and headed to the Indrio Savannahs Natural Area which has a large marsh and lots of North American white water lilies. I was on a quest to find some unique images for myself. It was hotter than Haiti as I found myself out in the field between 10:00 and 3:00 P.M. which is not the coolest part of the day in south Florida. In addition, I had to carry my heavy rubber boots for about 3 miles. The funny thing is that not one, but both rubber boots leaked like a sieve. All the walking and sweat paid off with some very nice images. Due to the time of day and the shine on the leaves, I used a polarizer filter and my 12 inch diffuser screen. Back in the digital darkroom, I adjusted the brightness and contrast, used a Dark/Lighten filter, and sharpened the image using Nik software. Thanks for the inspiration Dewitt. It doesn't matter where or how you get your inspiration as long as you act on it.


Water Lily 1Water Lily 1


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