Be Prepared

September 04, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Although I was never a Boy Scout, I make a point to be prepared when I go out in the field. I always and I mean always read through my check list. Nothing is worse than to get on site and realize that an integral piece of equipment has been left behind.  If you don't already, get in the habit of using a check list before you head out for a photo shoot. On one ocassion, I left my 12 inch diffuser panel behind and my images suffered.

During the latest visit to the burned wildlife preserve in pursuit of water lillies, I came upon this large gopher tortoise walking along one of the many fire breaks. Unfortunately, based on the position of the tortoise and the sun, there was a lot of glare on the top of the carapace and head. No problem, I'll just set up my diffuser panel. You can imagine my frustration when I realized all I had was a silver/gold panel. Somehow my diffuser panel got placed in my silver/gold panel pouch. No, I wasn't wearing a white tee shirt to use as a partial fix and blocking the sunlight with your body just doesn't have the same lighting effect as the diffuser. Although I was able to post process this image, it could have been so much better if it weren't for the diffuser panel laying on my photo table back at home.

Gopher Tortoise



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