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Reflections are all around us. By using windows, mirrors, water, or any other reflective surface, we have the opportunity to alter an ordinary image and make it a work of art. When my daughter was home from college this summer, I observed that as the sun set in the early evening hours, the colors were reflected on the roof of her silver car. Obviously, the more colorful the sunset, the more colorful the reflection. How could I use these color reflections to create unique images? As I looked around the yard I saw numerous leaves that differed in shape and color. I placed different leaves on the car roof and set up my camera on a tripod and used my 70-200mm lens. What I visualized was a sharp leaf surrounded by a soft and colorful reflection. This is one of my favorite images. And to think that I didn't have to go any further than my driveway.


Sunset Reflection and Leaf


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