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July 06, 2013  •  1 Comment

Years ago, many professional photographers made a good portion of their income from stock agencies. These professionals had literally hundreds of thousands of images distributed among numerous stock agencies, and again, one could make a sizeable income based on these images. Even I had several thousand 35m slide images with a stock agency and made some extra money, although nothing substantial. Unfortunately, the digital revolution has changed all of this. There are zillions of digital images available, everyone is shooting images, and unfortunately, a lot of people literally give their images away for free. Hence, stock images don't pay what they did in the past. That said, I have heard that if you have very specialized images you might be able to do well in a micro stock agency. Consequently, no matter how good your images may be, it is going to be difficult for any publisher to show much or any interest. A publisher is much more likely to show interest in you if you can package your images into a photo essay. Anyone can provide images, but not everyone can put them together into a photo essay. Putting together a photo essay certainly takes more time and thought, writing may not be as enjoyable as taking pictures, and as always, there is no guarantee that an editor will bite at your proposal. Although I've had numerous images published in different publications over the years (primarily due to stock images), I had my first photo essay published in the May issue of Shutterbug magazine. It was great to see both my images and text in print, and as an added bonus it paid well. Personally, I think everyone has a story to tell. Start looking through some of your images and see how you might be able to package them into some kind of story. You just might surprise yourself.



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