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I had hoped this past weekend to share with you some abandoned home HDR processed images, but my software is not working correctly. For some unknown reason it won't allow me to input my images (single or a series of images). I'm working with tech support, but so far no resolution. I love digital photography (I'd never go back to film) and all the software that we have at our disposal, but when things go haywire it can be extremely frustrating. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon and I can process and share some images with you.

In the meantime, lets talk about lists. I have always been one to create lists. Heck, sometimes I even go so far as to make a list about a list. Over many years, I have made numerous 3 x 5 laminated cards with lists or notes about a particular form of photography. They make for quick reference rather than flipping through a flash or camera manual and I have never found myself out in the field having left behind a vital piece of equipment. I've done the same thing as it relates to SCUBA diving and in 39 years of diving I have only had to abort a dive on one ocassion for leaving my wetsuit back in the apartment. If you have ever found yourself on site without an important piece of gear, I would suggest creating a list.

My current macro photography list consists of the following:

  1. Nikon D300
  2. 105mm macro lens
  3. Tripod and ballhead
  4. Polarizing filter
  5. Lens brush
  6. Quick release L-bracket and tool
  7. Extra camera battery
  8. Compact flash card
  9. Reflectors and diffuser
  10. Gerber tool
  11. Home-made plamp
  12. Pad and pen
  13. Flashlight
  14. LED video light
  15. Paint brush and tweezer
  16. Food and water
  17. Cell phone
  18. Rag
  19. Think Tank outfit

I'll share more of my lists and note cards with you in the future.


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